Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4 poems by John Donovan


The rolled up hills of
middle Oklahoma -
satellite dishes burned
at the stake -
Christina threw our
blankets into
Coal Creek while I
folded flowers
on an ancient lake
bed. We were
short women wearing
capes and
face paint - practicing
sleep walking.
A dozen white and
black cows
avalanched some twenty
acres away.


In 1997 she was made
bishop   and her father
(a manufacturer of steel
billboards) put out a
rat trap.

Brahman takes a stroll

to the zoo to see when the bears - maps
in twists of fur - light knuckles for the
masses - bald science's fair instinct being
fished and God is looking - on exit from a
forty something - slipping into this mannish
smirk of bronze discretion - would ache.


"budding fee"
"eel zen"
"eating tune"

"Night Ass"
"ice tans"
"dent tide"

"tree bust"
"D nose"

"bay breeze"
"god Noose"
"clove spurned"

"lay tally"
"ivy seamer"

"sand herb"
"owes hat"
"fowl Lent"

"rum, Hercules"

John Donovan is a musician who writes, records, and releases music from his bedroom.
Between songs he writes poems and makes art. John grew up in Dallas, TX and lives in St. Louis, MO. His music can be heard at http://music.johndonovanmusic.com/ 

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