Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5 poems by Felino Soriano

Approbations 242
—after Anthony Braxton’s Four in One

like colored partition
delineating preference within dispositional
attribution; * : understanding

eye, the esurient interpreter
foundling sadness comparable persuasion
where among faceless followers,
mother, father? |displayed| mirrors of
DNA finality.
Various slants
of the eventual embracing
shapes on reticent plateaus, curating
analogies of life and distance, combining
collocational devices, act/reenact
turmoil dissolves
whereas perfection,

Approbations 243
—after John Coltrane’s Mr. Syms

Man of elder comprehension, reasons
with dialectical promise, problem
-solve variants
mathematic veracity, misunderstood
straight-lined desires.
wife now, third of a decade’s 10th anniversary


her masticated name into the winds hollow,
fascinated listening.

Approbations 244
after Roy Hargrove Quintet’s Never Let Me Go

Worn, sound-thin, whispered
woven introspection
viable reconnection, tissue, virtue, apostolate
secondary inspiration. Near
gnarled growths on
an oak’s misshapen exterior, breeze
notches of contemporary noise
resonating between syllables of silent articulation,
the moment retracts into unfolded time of willing moments, hoping
to repeat therapeutic conversations among ensuing sun-risings,
copacetic hoping of all-angled speculation.

Approbations 245
—after Christian Scott’s Re:

spike in ignorant postulations:
|erased existence
cannot delve into reverted warranties, the multidevoted
—catastrophes, these
—soon awakening into breadths of hopeless tongues’
irreconcilable burials.

Approbations 246
—after Joe Lovano’s Left Behind

Spirit’s mantra
stuttering chants
like a dragging chain’s painful clang
tripping break
against the whipping cold
of concrete’s hardened, ambidextrous

of a saddened sense of vocal calling forward,
unheard realism
a not yet shape of ideological rust,
darkened edges of prose’s skeletal slack
bringing forth singular, undetermined

Biography Note:

Felino A. Soriano (b. 1974), is a case manager and advocate for
developmentally and physically disabled adults. He has authored 23
collections of poetry, including “Altered Aesthetics” (ungovernable press,
2009), “Construed Implications” (erbacce-press, 2009), and “Delineated
Functions of Congregated Constructs” (Calliope Nerve Media, 2010). His
poems have appeared at Calliope Nerve, Full of Crow, BlazeVOX, Metazen,
Heavy Bear, and elsewhere. He edits & publishes Counterexample Poetics,
an online journal of experimental artistry, and Differentia Press,
dedicated to publishing e-chapbooks of experimental poetry. Philosophical
studies collocated with his connection to classic and avant-garde jazz
explains motivation for poetic occurrences. His website explains further:

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